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Getting Support

  1. First, especially if you are a new user, check your gear. Tutorials, guides, and FAQ's are at The Spacer's Gear.
  2. Second, check the Comic Genesis Wiki.
  3. Third, ask around on the Comic Genesis Help Center Forum. Many others may have encountered the problem, and many volunteers can assist you. The admins also are known to drop by and take a look, and also post there if there's a site-wide problem.
  4. Fourth, if nothing has helped, the admins can be contacted via the address below.

Contacting Comic Genesis

  • General inquiries about services: We prefer you ask on our General Discussion or Help Center forum.
  • Advertiser info: Being part of KeenSpot Entertaiment, we ask advertisers to consult our media kit.
  • Abuse of services (spam):
  • All other information: Contact admin Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price at
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