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Signing Up for a Comic Genesis Account

Signing up is easy (in a relative sense). Have a sample webcomic for us to review when you do, and do please read the following documents, as once accepted you will be bound by them:

Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Policy

Before we get to the signup form, a warning:

A Warning for Sprite Webcomics

While information would like to be free (for the public to access, and sometimes feline too), current law doesn't allow a full fledge clone of someone's hard-earned work. Copyright still exists on the Internet, and we here at Comic Genesis have to follow a law called the Digital Multimedia Copyright Act. This law basically gives some teeth to comic owners who see their webcomic being copied all over the place without their permission. This law (and copyright law in general) also gives major corporations like Capcom and Nintendo rights on how their games are used.

What does that mean to web comics? It means that some webcomics, known as sprite webcomics, will make Comic Genesis have to face legal action. We don't want that. So double-check to see:

  • Is your comic using sprites from any game, like Megaman or Final Fantasy, even if they're recolored? (ex: Bob and George)
  • Is your comic using screen captures from any game in normal gameplay?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then please spare the trouble and don't apply here.

Your webcomic is clear to come aboard:

  • If it looks pixelated, but you've all hand-build the pixels (all original, ex: Diesel Sweeties).
  • If it uses a game engine like Quake 2, but the models and renders are original.
  • If it uses trademarked characters that you drew yourself, but you recognize the trademarks on your website or in the comic itself.

If we haven't scared you off now, then come on in and sign up now.

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