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Comic Genesis is KeenSpot's free comic hosting service, run by comic authors for comic authors. Launched in 2000 as KeenSpace, and relaunched in 2005, Comic Genesis hosts over 6000 fresh, raw, new, experimental, and even established webcomics since the turn of the century.

What do we offer?

  • Free, unlimited hosting -- No space limitations, little-to-none restrictions on content, and the freedom of your own website design. Fifty comic images on a page? No problem. Use Flash for drawing? Come on aboard. All we ask you is to carry an ad banner.
  • Built-in content management -- No need to update your page everyday. Let our autoupdate engine do it! It's the same one KeenSpot uses.
  • Free forums -- Get your own, hosted on our forum server.
  • Community support -- We've been around since the turn of the century, and many folks have stuck with us to help you out. In fact, one of the admins has a comic here!
  • Your own domain --, or even! Got your own? Don't redirect, we'll service it directly.

Like all of that? Think that's worth trying out? Come join us!

Who are the folks behind Comic Genesis?

STrRedWolfKelly 'STrRedWolf' Price
The anthropomorphic artist and writer behind Stalag '99, Kelly has been part of Comic Genesis when it was first founded as KeenSpace in 2000, moving his comic to the servers. In 2001, Kelly volunteered to help KeenSpace, and within a year was granted administrator access to the server. He now splits his time between making Comic Genesis better, helping users, and Stalag '99 at his home near Baltimore, Maryland.

Kisai was brought in by Kelly to help him with administration of the servers in 2002. Within the year, she whipped the comic server into shape, wrote the code behind the Guide, the Newsbox, and many of the user utilities, and then tweaked the autoupdate engine to handle the large load of comics. Currently in the British Columbia province of Canada, Kisai keeps an eye on the servers and works to further enhance them.

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